Solar Panel Installation Florida

The Growing Use Of Solar Panels In Florida

Professional solar panel installation Florida companies are experiencing a booming industry full of benefits, applications, and opportunities. As more people understand how solar panels work and discover the financial incentives available for using household solar panels in residential areas, the entire solar panel installation Florida industry continues to rise.

Planet Solar Solutions is one such reputable professional solar installation company in Florida who continues to push the industry forward by implementing practical, progressive, and affordable solar power solutions. With an experienced professional team of Florida solar contractors, our varying service options cover both residential solar panel installation and commercial solar panels.

Continue reading to learn more about the basics of solar power and the benefits of using solar panels in residential areas and commercial properties. To get a free solar panel installation Florida service estimate, contact our team today.

How Using Solar Panels Works

Using household solar panels and commercial solar panels works in a similar way. Once the solar panels are installed in the proper location, they begin collecting sunlight. The panels use the sunlight or solar power to generate electricity.

To use the electricity generated by solar power, a power inverter converts DC (direct current) power to AC (alternative current), the power standard used on the electrical grid. Then a bi-directional meter begins tracking how much overall energy is being created and used.

Any excess clean energy that remains unused is given to the utility grid, where it can be used for net metering. Net metering allows the extra energy produced by the solar panels to be dispensed to neighboring properties, which in turn provides the owner with either future credits or direct financial payments.

Benefits Of Solar Panels

The primary benefits of using solar panels include using 100% clean, renewable energy to power your home and reducing the overall costs on your monthly electric bill. There are, however, a few lesser known advantages for using commercial and household solar panels in Florida.

The solar panel installation Florida industry is on the rise due to the reducing costs for the solar panels themselves and availability of solar panel contractors in Florida. The average Florida homeowner using residential rooftop solar panels to power their home can receive up to a 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit and saves an average of $775 a year on their electric bill.

This makes the decision to choose a solar panel installation in Florida an easy investment that can pay for itself in as little as 10 years. With the cost of solar panels going down and solar panel installation Florida companies in abundance, there has never been a better time to make the change to residential solar energy.

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Solar Panel Installation Florida

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