Florida Solar Panel Contractor
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Florida Solar Panel Contractor

Solar Panels in Florida have gotten more and more popular over the past few years. There are various different benefits and opportunities when going solar in Florida, such as financial incentives and clean energy. If you’ve been considering switching over to using solar energy contact our Florida solar panel contractor at Planet Solar Solutions for a free solar estimate and see how much you could be saving when going solar.

Planet Solar Solutions is a leading professional solar company in Florida providing affordable solar power solutions. We specialize in residential solar panel installation and commercial solar panels whether large or small. You can start saving on your power bill today and also help the environment.

Continue reading below to read about how solar panel works and the benefits of using solar panels in Florida.

Florida Solar Panel Contractor | How It Works

After you’ve submitted your information to us and the consultation, design and permitting process have been done our solar panel installation experts at Planet Solar Solutions will have your solar solution up and running in one or two days, depending on the size.

These solar panels begin storing energy from the sun and go to work for you immediately. All Our solar panel systems incorporate net metering and are tied to the grid. Now, all you need to do is kick back and enjoy your every month reductions in your electrical bill.

Florida Solar Panel Contractor | Benefits

One of the benefits of solar panels includes selling back power to the grid. This happens if your solar panels generate more power than your home or property needs. Solar panel systems also require little to no maintenance and increase the value of your home.

Most people search for a Florida solar panel contractor because they want to decrease the carbon footprint their home generates. With solar panels, you will be using a 100% clean and renewable energy source.

If you have been worrying about paying the primary cost of rooftop solar panels, don’t worry! The government is now offering a financial incentive by giving tax credits of up to 30% to promote using alternative in residential homes.

Planet Solar Solutions installs American-made solar panels and also provides financing. Click here to learn more about our financing programs. Our solar panel experts will work with you to find the best solution to meet your energy usage requirements. Contact us for a free estimate or call us at 561-250-7652 (solar) for any further questions.


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Florida Solar Panel Contractor

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