Solar Panel Contractors
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Solar Panel Contractors

Rooftop solar panel use in the Sunshine State installed by solar panel contractors has exponentially grown over the past few years as more and more Florida residents learn about the benefits of going solar. Every year, Florida residents continue to discover the growing benefits such as financial incentives this innovative technology can provide.

Planet Solar Solutions is one such professional solar installation company in Florida that continues to lead the industry. We use progressive, innovative, and affordable solar power solutions to help homeowner achieve the maximum benefits from solar panel installation.

There are many solar panel contractors in Florida but when it comes to choosing the premier contractor there is no clearer (or brighter) choice than Planet Solar Solutions. Below are a number of benefits you can come to expect from adopting rooftop solar panels for your home.

If you are ready to book a free solar panel installation estimate be sure to contact our knowledgeable, professional, and friendly team today.

A 100% Clean and Renewable Energy Source

Most people consider searching for and hiring solar panel contractors because they want to reduce the carbon footprint their home produces. Solar panels use sunlight they absorb and collect to produce energy as electricity.

Anyone can understand why a place called the Sunshine State could instantly and easily adopt such a technology to produce renewable, green energy to power homes. With the technology of solar panels improving every year, solar panels continue to become more affordable and efficient for Florida residents.

A Host Of Financial Incentives

One reason solar panel contractors have abundantly grown in number is the ability of solar panels to end up paying for themselves. Between federal and state tax credits and the ability of contractors to provide financing, adopting solar panels has never been a more affordable investment.

Paying for solar panels has never been easier due to government financing incentives. The government now provides tax credits of up to 30% to promote a wider use of renewable energy for residential households.

Programs now exist like PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) that make fixed-rate, low-interest loans available for homeowners seeking to hire solar panel contractors to install rooftop solar panels on their residence. When these government programs are coupled with the financing options contractors provide and a lower monthly electric bill, residential solar panels now pay for themselves.

How Planet Solar Solutions Can Help You Start Saving

Planet Solar Solutions provides progressive, innovative, and affordable solar solutions for every one of our customers. Our team is comprised of industry experts that pride themselves on providing customer-centered service. We install American-made solar panels to residential homes and can provide financing. Contact us today for a free assessment and to find out how we can start helping you save today.

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Solar Panel Contractors

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