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Paying For Residential Solar Panels

South Florida solar panel companies have a lot to be excited about moving forward in the coming years. In fact, rooftop solar panel use has been getting more and more popular as citizens of the Sunshine State begin to understand the various benefits of residential solar power.

There are a few already existing financial incentives for South Florida solar panel users and those seem to keep being added to every year. The primary reason behind this is a fairly simple principle – people are looking at the cost of alternative energy companies in Florida become lower and lower.

The overall cost of rooftop solar panels in Florida has been lowered to the point that a South Florida solar panel installation will have paid for itself in as little as a decade. Learn more by reading the informative article below or contact us to get a free solar estimate to see how much money you could be saving with a residential solar power system.

Benefits For South Florida Solar Panel Owners

With all the recent talk of tariffs and penalties, it’s hard to really imagine that there is anything costly being lowered to benefit Florida residents. What you might not know though it that solar panel manufacturers in Florida have more than tripled, making solar panels a fraction of the cost they once were.

The general complaints about using residential solar panels were that the materials, installation, and maintenance fees themselves actually ending up being more expensive than the initial costs of their monthly power bill. Fortunately, with improved solar technology, more access to buy rooftop solar panels locally, and more South Florida solar panel contractors competing for work, those expenses and headaches are no more.

In fact, some solar panel installation companies in Florida now even guarantee their clients will be saving on schedule and provide solar financing options to back it up. Now that the laws surrounding solar energy in Florida have extended to potentially distributing any excess power to neighboring homes, there’s a possibility to save money and help out the community.

Paying For Residential Solar Panels

If your main concern is paying the initial cost of rooftop solar panels, you’re in luck. The government has opened up financial incentives by giving tax credits of up to 30% to promote using alternative energy in residential homes.

This has opened up the market for solar loans and programs like PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) are making fixed-rate, low-interest loans available to most homeowners. This is mostly because states like Florida have a keen interest in helping the environment and they believe in making that goal easier for those that qualify.

Click here to learn more about paying for residential solar power systems and how we can help make the entire process as easy as possible. If you would like to get a free estimate on how much you will save by becoming a South Florida solar power user, contact Planet Solar Solutions today.

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